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President’s Message

January 2014

Welcome to ASPEA.  My background in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and Supervision has developed predominantly within regional programs. A significant change for ASPEA has been the ability to increase the availability of CPE in regional Victoria as a response to the diverse needs of pastoral education within our state. 

ASPEA also affirms another significant step in our journey, “The Association’s tradition and understanding of pastoral care is grounded firmly in the Christian faith. The Association seeks the active engagement of people of other religions and spiritualties in response to the rich spiritual diversity in today’s community.” (Constitution 2013).

When we consider the time required in addressing issues of our past that we continue to explore such as gender, ordained and non-ordained leadership plus a range of theological beliefs within an ecumenical framework, we have come a long way.  Despite differences there has been a commitment to be of relevance to those who request professional education in pastoral practice and supervision.

Dr Rosemary Dewerse encouraged change for the better as a goal for pastoral education during her facilitation of the 2013 ANZACPE Conference when she expressed,

“Knowing where you stand will influence what you see.  And what you see can be changed, whether inspired by what you yourself discover or what others teach you.”

Breaking Calabashes: Becoming an Intercultural Community.

One of the Christian values we are encouraged to be firmly grounded in is hospitality.  Hospitality allows us to continually reflect on how best to respond to the invitation for renewal so as to keep our function and purpose alive.

As we begin another year we welcome new executive members on board. Please take some time to read their profiles. The Executive is committed to promoting, supporting and further developing the provision of Supervised Pastoral Education and Clinical Pastoral Education.  We are also committed to continuing the development of Clinical Pastoral Supervisors, professional pastoral practice and maintenance of the ASPEA Inc.’s Standards.

Bernadette Wurlod



ASPEA President's 2014 Report

Bernadette presented this Presidents Report at the AGM in November 2014. Download Here


ASPEA Inc’s Mission

ASPEA Inc exists to educate and accredit both lay and ordained women and men for their excellence in pastoral practice. These goals are achieved by providing supervised pastoral education, professional support and recognition of its members.

ASPEA Inc’s Principles

  1. Recognition of Supervised Pastoral Education (SPE) in all its diversity while always drawing inspiration from the Association's main form of SPE in Clinical Pastoral Education.
  2. The continuity of education and learning through the cycle of action and reflection on the experience of pastoral practice and relationships.
  3. Reverence for and recognition of the potential of the human person for transformation, while also recognising the reality of evil and human fallibility.
  4. Rigorous professional standards and the application of these standards in the supervision and monitoring of pastoral practice.
  5. Recognition of personal responsibility for the taking up on one's own life and ongoing growth.
  6. Belief in the spirituality of each person and the fostering of personal freedom within the relationship between human beings and thier spirituality.
  7. Recognition of :
    • the importance of the Association's Christian origins and values
    • the welcome of interfaith membership of the Association.
  8. Furthering the integration of theological reflection in all spects of the life of the Association.

ASPEA Inc’s Vision

ASPEA Inc will be renowned and sought out for its outstanding ecumenical supervisory practices, promoting both established and leading edge pastoral practice whether to individuals, communities or institutions.


ASPEA Inc Committees

Executive Committee is responsible for decision making on behalf of the Association and reports to the Annual General Meeting.

Registration & Certification Committee is responsible for the processing of :

A Finger Pointing to the Moon - Front Cover

Special Projects Committee is convened to undertake Special Projects as required by the Executive.

In 2003 ‘A Finger Pointing to the Moon’, a history of the Association for Supervised Pastoral Education in Australia 1967-2000 was published.

See History of ASPEA Inc for details.

The Membership Committee of ASPEA Inc is responsible for :